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How to Think About End-of-Year Giving

Decorations are up, your Christmas sermon planning is in full swing, and in the midst of all the organizing and planning you have one more thing on your mind—end-of-year giving. 31% of charitable giving happens in December because for many donors this is the last chance to get their giving reflected on this year’s taxes, […]


9 Things To Be Grateful For as a Pastor

During the holidays, there is an emphasis on gratitude and “giving thanks” but it can often be overshadowed by the messaging of Black Friday and the busyness of Christmas traditions and events. As a church leader or pastor, you might take a moment to incorporate gratitude into your personal life or even study for a […]


How to Cast Vision for Your Congregation

Casting vision is one of the core responsibilities of a leader. Being able to translate the mission of who you are as a church and communicate where you’re headed is what inspires unity and purpose throughout your congregation. When the vision is understood, everyone can work together towards that future. Casting a vision for your […]

5 Important Online Giving Statistics

It’s no secret that the generous financial gifts of your local congregation are the backbone of sustaining the day-to-day ministry of your church. Not only does it help provide your staff and leadership with a living wage, but regular giving is also a biblical mandate to support the work of the Church and further the […]