Which Church Management solution is best for your church?

Choosing the right church management platform can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to selecting the best fit for your ministry is to continually consider how a church management system (ChMS) will help your church in its mission.

Before your church leaders begin their search, make sure a clearly defined mission has been created and that the goals and/or strategies to fulfill this mission are communicated. Prioritizing your mission will serve as your guiding light, helping to maintain focus on what’s most important. Doing this goes far beyond writing down a list of necessary features – which is important, too, but can lead to comparison shopping for tiny feature sets that may not benefit your church or may just go unused.

Focus instead on finding a worship technology platform that aids in your church’s growth, whether numerically, spiritually, or both and acts as a helpful tool in fulfilling your mission. A vast majority of churches agree that the most helpful software tools benefit their ministry values by aiding in the care of church members, helping to promote spiritual growth, simplifying ways to engage the community at large, and freeing up time for personal ministry opportunities. Software features of any church management solution should be measured against these core values.

Finding a ministry technology system that helps your church reach its goals is primary. To help in this process, it’s important for a church to understand organization pain points with its current solution, and to actively seek out a platform that can alleviate as many of those pain points as possible. Setting aside time to identify and record these pain points can act as a guide to finding the best fit for your ministry.

Church management software can help you run your ministry more efficiently. Once you’ve decided to invest in a ChMS, many times the most challenging process is narrowing down your options to identify which platform is best for your church. Remember to focus on finding a platform that will help your church grow and fulfill your mission.

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